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Couture Fashion

Just what is couture fashion? 'Couture' is protected by law in France and is defined as 'the designing and making of high-quality fashionable clothes by leading fashion houses to order.'

Joe Vilaiwan, The “Emerald City" Collection
For the launch of Disney's newest film "Oz, The Great & Powerful" the Hollywood studio partnered with couture designer Joe Vilaiwan to create the official "Emerald City" jewelry line.

Berqclé - Estrella Cristina Pt.2
Inspired by the works of fashion designers like Oscar De La Renta,  designer Estrella Cristina interned with the notable and sought-after New York City-based designer Han Feng.

Designer Laurel Berman, of Black Halo
Recently I had the pleasure of sitting down and chatting with designer Laurel Berman, the creative genius behind the wildly fashionable, Black Halo line.

Ryan DeBonville, Knitwear
DeBonville launched his fashion line in 2002, Toni, selling the whole collection of purple knitwear to the Venus Superstar boutique in San Francisco.

Alexander McQueen, The Life and Times
Fashion visionary Alexander McQueen arose from very humble origins in London, to become a force in high fashion that would literary redefine our understand of modern design through his emotionally provocative creations.

Roberto Cavalli, The King of Opulence
Fashion designer Roberto Cavalli is the master of the opulence evening gown. He has never been one for understatement in his fashion collections, making extensive use of exotic prints and a revealing necklines as his trademarks design elements.

Stella McCartney, A Fashion Ideal
Stella McCartney is one of the leading fashion designers of England, known for designing all the uniforms for Team Great Britain for the 2012 Olympics. She is the daughter of Beatles member Sir Paul McCartney.

Donna Karen, New York Chic
Designer Donna Karen is a cornerstone of New York Fashion Week, where her trademark style of uptown New York chic draws to her fashion line celebrity devotees like Broadway legend Bernadette Peters and fashion maven Kimora Lee Simmons.

Paul Smith - A Knights Tale
Find out how Sir Paul Smith launched his self titled Paul Smith line into an international fashion power house in under three decades.

The Little Black Dress - Everyone's Favorite
Little Black dresses are forever in style. Black cocktail dresses are timeless favorites for special events all year around.

Christian Dior - The Man Behind the House
All about Christian Dior, legendary French fashion designer. His extravagant creations burst upon the French fashion scene in 1947 and swept everyone along, bringing light and hope to a drab post-war world.

Chanel from No.1 to No.5 - Mother of Modern Couture
Coco Chanel was an influential French fashion designer, founder of the famous brand Chanel creating fashion icons like the little black dress and the Chanel suit.

Tom Ford, A Fashion Icon Revealed
Tom Ford is an American fashion designer and film director. He gained international fame for his turnaround of the fashion houses Gucci and YSL.

Is it really "designer?"
A fashion breakdown on what couture really means, and how to tell the difference between budget designer labels, provided by About.com's Women's Fashion site.

Jean Paul Gaultier, The Enfant Terrible Of Pop Couture
The story of Jean Paul Gaultier's fashion career and how he became one of the world's premier couture designers.

The Fashion World of Jean Paul Gaultier: From the Sidewalk to the Catwalk
A fascinating look into the life and times of Jean Paul Gaultier at a high fashion exhibit from the De Young Museum in San Francisco.

Hidden Designer Deals
A guide to all the samples sales that New York City has to offer in July 2012 from Diesel denim to Suarez handbags.

Elsa Schiaparelli - Fashion As Art
The history behind one of fashion's most influential fashion designers, Elsa Schiaparelli and how she is inspiring a whole new generation of designers today.

Marc Jacobs - The Genius Behind Louis Vuitton
The life and times of designer Marc Jacobs, one of the most critically acclaimed fashion designers a live today, find out how he saved Louis Vuitton and launched his own label world wide as well.

Karl Lagerfeld - From Chloe to Chanel
Follow the master of reinvention fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld as he transformed Chanel, from a struggling fashion house into a globally known ready-to-wear line.

Prada - Fashion Powerhouse
The hundred year old tale of House of Prada and how the Prada family transformed it from a leather goods shop in Milan to an international fashion house.

Matthew Williamson, Next Generation Designer
During his fifteen years in the fashion industry British fashion designer Matthew Williamson has launched his own label Matthew Williamson world wide, and is the current Creative Director of Pucci. Female celebrities like Beyonce Knowles and Sienna Miller come to him for all their fashion needs.

Vivienne Westwood, Mother of Punk
Vivienne Westwood is never one to let people forget she is the mother of Punk fashion in the Uk. It was Vivienne that created The Sex Pistols iconic punk look during her early days as a designer.

Sue Wong, The Fashion Alchemist
Alluring and evocative, designer Sue Wong perfectly captures the period styles of Manhattan's Jazz Age while keeping an utterly modern flair with her couture gowns. As a designer Sue Wong is dedicated to empowering every woman to manifest her inner goddess with her avant garde creations.

13 Fashion Questions for Lubov Azria, of BCBGMAXAZRIA
Today Lubov Azria heads one of the largest fashion houses in the world, BCBGMAXAZRIA, as its Chief Creative Officer. Lubov oversees all collections from the prêt-a-porter of BCBG, to the haute couture of Max Azria, the end result of this powerhouse team can regularly be seen on the First Lady of the United States, Michelle Obama and Madonna.

Designer Melissa Sweet - The Elegant Bride
Designer Melissa Sweet is one of America's top bridal designers with her gowns being sold by the largest bridal retailer in the world, David's Bridal. Melissa Sweet is known by her chic modern designs that feature exquisite vintage details.

Jake Wall - The Artful Gentleman
Bridging the high standards of quality that Hong Kong is known for and the exacting perfection of British tailoring lies the couture suit line - The Artful Gentleman. Behind these handmade suits is designer Jake Wall and his unique experience.

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