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Sue Wong - Oz, The Great & Powerful Collection


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Sue Wong - Oz, The Great & Powerful Collection
Sue Wong - Oz, The Great & Powerful Collection

Short Strapless Sheath Dress with Shirred Bodice, Beaded Waistband and Hem and Floral Embroidered Skirt

Photo Courtesy of Sue Wong

JTH - Since the creation of OZ in the early 1910s by author L. Frank 
Baum, it has been a beloved childhood story of every generation since.
What does the story of Oz mean to you? Did you read the books as a

SW - The Wizard of Oz totally captured my imagination as a child, and like all good Fairy Tales, it invoked the elements of Magic, Fantasy and was in fact, a story about Transformation... Throughout her enchanted journey in the enchanted Land of Oz, Dorothy encountered archetypal characters who were searching for missing aspects of themselves. In the end, each discovered that what they were in fact searching for already existed within the internal recesses of themselves. Scarecrow already had a brainy Brain; the Tin Man was in fact, full of Heart; The Lion full of valor and honor; and Dorothy's longing for a place 'somewhere over the rainbow' already existed within her own universe at Home in Kansas...

I was also intrigued by the study in contrasts inspired by the dual archetypes of the elegant beautiful Wicked Witch exemplified by Evanora, another aspect of the sultry seductive vamp. She was juxtaposed by the Glenda Good Witch. This enigmatic contrast between the light and dark aspects of feminine nature has long maintained a place in the collective psyche from ancient Biblical stories of Adam and Eve to Hollywood classics, exemplified by Snow White and the nefarious, and elegant wicked Queen. Although a clear delineation has been set in this tale of Good and Evil, in fact, within every good woman, is the best of combination both Madonna and Temptress...

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